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I fall in love with my house every time the 'girls' come to visit. I tried another service first and didn't feel that way with them. I love the girls and they love making me happy! Mel is awesome! Nice work ladies!
~ Lisa

My Girls Housecleaning does a wonderful job! I have tried several cleaning services in the past and have found that My Girls does the job better than the rest. I love coming home to a clean house and have recommended them to several friends.
~ Melissa

I just want to say what an amazing job "the girls" do on our house. Having "the girls" clean our house has been such a stress reliever for me! It is worth every penny! I love coming home after a long day at work to a clean house! You gals do a great job! Thanks!
~ Jenell

I am SO HAPPY at the job the girls did at the house. I also want to say 'thank you' for fitting me in on less than 12 hours notice. The floors gleam and we didn't recognize our 'fridge and dishwasher covers. The stainless steel looks like new! Also, the girls were so polite and friendly. Will definitely be using you again!!!
~ Marlena P.

The girls do a terrific job with our loft. My husband and I have busy schedules and often find it difficult to keep up with even just the daily maintenance (did I mention the pug hair?!). It is a huge stress relief to come home to such cleanliness! It's worth every penny.
They are very flexible and completely accommodating. We've been fans of My Girls for five years and look forward to their continued visits!
~ Shawn Anne

I just wanted to thank you for the FABULOUS job at my house in Lonsdale yesterday! I must say, my husband was AMAZED at how clean and shiny our floors looked! He couldn't believe the toilet paper and towels in the bathroom were even folded so professionally (and he is typically not so observant)! When our kids saw the house the were excited and even motivated to keep it up! :ohmy:
This is the first time I've had anyone clean our house and this is definitely a service we would like to continue with your girls. They are very sweet (and beautiful) and pleasant to work with!
I truly can't thank you enough! Working 50 hours a week and parenting 5 kids, it is an impossible task to have a spotless house. I am constantly cleaning with no free time left to spend as a family, or even ourselves. Last night, I actually had time to myself to catch up on other things and spent quality time with my husband and kids. THANK YOU SO MUCH for that! :P
~ Brandi

We had enough with the chain housecleaning service we used for several months when I first moved to town. I remembered meeting Pam and hearing about her company. Long story short, there was such a dramatic difference when her girls cleaned out house, even my husband noticed!! He is a classic guy's guy, insofar as if a carcass was sitting in the foyer, I think he'd walk right over it. But he did notice the great job done by My Girls!! We're sold!
~ Marla

I had the girls come out to my house last week for the first time and was very impressed with what I return home to find. My house was spotless and smelling fab!!!!! I have them coming back and I can hardly wait for that day. I highly recommend my girls housecleaning.
~ Neasha

Thank you so much!! You did an amazing job! It goes beyond just smelling clean, it IS clean. Even my son mentioned how great his bathroom smells. It is so wonderful to come home to a fabulously clean house after a long day at work.
~ Trisha


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